Melissa Mazzocco: How To Texture Paint Wood Grain In ZBrush

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2015

Melissa Mazzocco recently created an AMAZING game prop for Brett Briley's Game Art Mentorship that was cunningly shaped like a violin ... ;)

Actually beautifully shaped! Check out the wireframe below the render.

After several students asked her to share how she created such a great render, she created a little tutorial for us. HINT: it uses ZBrush's powerful SPOTLIGHT feature.

First, here is the final model rendered in Marmoset:

Pretty SWEET, huh?

Well, SPOTLIGHT is one of ZBrush's most powerful features and one you really want to get to know! Check out her tutorial below the jump:

More About Brett Briley's Course:

Game Art Mentorship

More About Melissa Mazzocco


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