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For Artists, there’s a lot of Value in tackling Projects that are smaller in both scale and scope.

Biting off a smaller portion means that you will be able to Finish in less time.

It also means that you will be able to Focus On Details and Dive Deep into the World that you’ve created.

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Artwork by Anya Jo Elvidge

Take it from Environment Artist Anya Jo Elvidge, whose incredible Dioramas have stood out for their charm and distinct style:

Dioramas have such a huge number of benefits, particularly to those just starting out in environment art, where perhaps a team isn’t available for you to work in, or you just don’t want to spend months working on one scene.

The biggest benefit to working on dioramas is how safe they are, and yet they are still very interesting to the viewer. You have very little to consider outside the assets you are creating and how you will present them the most beautifully. You don’t have to deal with much in the way of coding, or creating immense vistas, or composing an area from multiple angles as you move through and around it. Additionally, it’s very easy to plan your time for something so small, and for school projects this can greatly reduce the stress of planning a project and trying to meet a strict deadline than with full environments.

I also like dioramas because they’re just so concentrated. They’re small areas of a high quality and you are completely in control of every little aspect of how it will look at the end. You can get away with not using huge tiling sheets to create an area, using lots of unique models and assets instead to give a scene loads of character. And really shows off your skills. You can be much more creative with your colour choices and compositions, too, because you don’t have to deal with how it will affect a larger area. Certainly dioramas are much easier to compose than larger scenes and you can get really creative.

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Artwork by Anya Jo Elvidge

The smaller scale of Dioramas allows you to Unleash Your Creativity in countless ways.

And That is Powerful.

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Artwork by Anya Jo Elvidge

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