Character Sculpting in ZBrush (On-Demand)

Now As An On-Demand!

Master The Craft Of Character Sculpting

Want to become a lead character artist? Maybe you just want to get into the game or toy sculpting industry.

If so, Hossein Diba is the character artist you need to learn from.

A lead character artist, on average, makes $101,294 a year according to but this is a career that requires specialized training and a unique set of skills that takes time to develop.

Anatomy, faces, proportions, pores, how skin wrinkles, clothing... these are all some of the topics that a successful character artist has to consider every working day.

As the lead character artist for WWE, Hossein has years of experience creating insanely detailed characters for animation, games, cinematics and 3D Printing.

He has worked as both a freelance and staff artist and contributed to such titles as Royal Rumble 2016, Fallout New Vegas, Batman Arkham Knight and more.

His tool of choice is ZBrush and he is now ready to share with you how he uses it to create amazingly realistic skin, strikingly expressive faces and dynamic poses.

What You'll Learn:

In this course you'll learn many things and you'll be pushed to be better and better and better.  We've gathered a few specific details, though, of what you can learn to help you understand the course:

  • How to block out your model in ZBrush (dynamesh, topology, basic forms)
  • How to sculpt dynamic anatomy (proportions, muscularity, feminine forms)
  • How to pose your characters (anatomy, gesture, emotion)
  • How to sculpt clothing and props (seams, texture, material)
  • How to sculpt realistic faces (wrinkles, pores, facial fat)
  • and so much more.

Do I...?

Do I need to know anatomy?

No, anatomy is a big subject and it can become a distraction. At the end of the day it is a tool that helps us but our first job is to get started. Don't spend your time in the training room practicing. Get out into the arena and fight!

Do I need to know how to draw?

No. Sculpture is one of the core artistic skills and is at the same level as drawing. Sculpture, in fact, is simply drawing profiles in 3D. Working in ZBrush makes it even easier!

But I...?

Are you waiting for your skill level to be higher? Are you waiting till your good enough?

Art is a muscle. Do you grow muscles sitting on the coach watching exercise videos? You grow muscles by lifting weights. The first weight we lift, of course, is getting our arse off that couch.

Art is the same. You do not grow by waiting or watching gumroads or someone else sculpt. You grow by sculpting, falling on your face, sculpting and falling on your face.

So are you waiting to be better before starting? Stop! Just start today.

Are you waiting for money to begin your journey learning?

One of the most common emails I get goes like this, "Great class Ryan. Wish I had the money to do it!"

When I read that I always remember a phrase that I once heard, "Education is the one investment that always pays you back."

We are in an unprecendented time in education right now. Large institutions are failing to properly educate students for the realities of the job. Game companies don't care if you went to Harvard. They only care if you can do the job.

I've trained thousands of artists over the last decade. I've seen people get jobs almost entirely from the portfolios they developed in these classes.

So, when I get those emails I know that someone is just not serious. Because if they were serious they know this is the best deal in town. You don't have to move to a new city. You don't have to get accepted. You don't have to take useless electives. You just have to sign up.


This is a ten week on-demand course with Hossein Diba.  Each session will give you exclusive access to Hossein and his demonstration.

So the only question, for me, is, are you serious about this? If you are, then register today before it closes... because this opportunity will close.


When is the live session?

This is NOT a live class. This is an on-demand course extracted from his live course.

When I get access?

Your access starts immediately.

Can I download it ?

Yes, everything streams from the site and is downloadable.

How long do I have access to the material?

You have lifetime access to the course material

How long are the recordings?

Each module is around three hours long. There are nine modules. 

Will my work be reviewed?

As an on-demand course there is no interaction with the instructor. However, you will have access to our private social network to post work and get reviews from our team.



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