Portfolio Class with Travis Bourbeau

Need To Get That Job?

Need to Level Up Your Art?

Classes are not enough! They never leave enough time to do the work you REALLY need to do: Plus Your Portfolio with Art Director Travis Bourbeau!

Class Begins Saturday February 4th at 1 PM Pacific / 4PM Eastern

Competition in the film and game industry is more intense than ever before and if you are going to compete then you need to create a focused and powerful portfolio that showcases the specific skills that will get you a job.

Knowing what to show in your portfolio isn't easy though!  

Every month, artists graduate from classes at CAW and GAI and are faced with the daunting prospect of turning their learning into a powerful presentation piece.  Till now they have had to do this alone. Often the lighting will be wrong or the wrong pose is selected... this is tough stuff, after all!

Few of us are taught to be our own Art Director, after all.  

This class connects you with our Art Director, Travis Bourbeau where he will show you how to take your art to the next level by fine tuning the anatomy, the design, the costume, the texturing and just about everything else.

Travis has been working in the industry for over a decade beginning back in 2002 when he cofounded Massive Black.  Later Travis went on to join Gnomon Workshop where he worked with all of the industries heavy hitting artists.  Now, the co-founder of Concept Art Workshop and Game Art Institute he is ready to share with you what the big name artists do to succeed and what you'll have to do to make a difference in this industry.

It starts, though, here in this class. In order for you to Do MORE you need to focus on smaller problems and that starts by focusing on the smaller problems in your own art work to make it better than you ever though possible.

This class has limited seats so make sure to register early! 

It Pays To Register Early

It pays for you to register early. Below is a price breakdown by date.  Make sure to register now. Our 30 day money back guarantee starts on the first day of class so you are covered when you register early and lock in your special pricing.

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$698 - After January 23rd

Who is this Class for?

This Class is being created to help those taking courses online or off with tutoring and advice to continue their education or looking to get into the industry. The focus of the class will be to breakdown your strengths and weakness not only in your work but choosing what classes skills and methods may best help you along the way.

We will be working with both 2d environment artist and 3d character artist to help develop a first piece artwork for your reel. in addition the class will touch on marketing, resume, reel and include 2 classes with character art guest director and a special session with recruiters to review work and portfolios during the halfway mark.

Students will become both interview artist to have their work publishes and be interviewed with successful pieces being considered for publishing in 3d world Mag and Imagine FX. This class will be intensive and aside from group classes independent one on one time will be assigned to go over homework.

11 Weeks online with an Extra Class tour of Legacy fx for those that can make it.


Class 1: Where you are.  

An assessment of students experience portfolio reel history and current skill level

Week 2: Where you want to be.

A look at where your work and desire will lead you and the best ways to get there, Resume,

Week 3: First Assignment

Week 4: First Crit review and assessment.

Are you on the mark?

Week 5: Review

Private review or revisions and suggestions /No Group Class Individual class with Hannah and Travis

Week 6: Judgement Day

A first look from recruiters and advice on how to proceed and where to focus

Week 7: Branding
Getting Started with Magazines Interviews and Brand Building/ Review recruiter revisions

Week 8: 
Assignment 2 / Guest Character  Artist and Environment Lead

Week 9: Review

Private review or revisions and suggestions /No Group Class Individual class with Hannah and Travis

Week 10: Landing The Job

Phone Interviews, Interview Tips, Business Cards, Linkedin, Online Presence /Homework Revision Review

About Your Teachers

Travis Bourbeau

Travis Bourbeau is Co-Founder of Concept Art Workshop and Game Art Institute. Currently, a Partner at CGSociety, Associate Producer for 3D World Magazine, and Travis began his career in the industry in early 2000 as a self-educated artist turned freelance modeler working for studios including EA, Sony, and Activision. He later landed the roles of Co-Founder, Senior Producer and Senior Artist at Massive Black, a premier provider of content creation focusing on quality illustration, animation and 3D assets for the entertainment industry.

It was during this time at Massive Black that Travis found a passion for working in the business-side of art, specifically building teams of qualified artists to fit various entertainment projects. This shift in careers is something that he actively pursues today for the film and game industry via professional mentorships, event production, and workshop facilitation. Travis’s current work spans studios including Marvel, Legacy FX, Cloud Imperium, Riot Games, ILM, Disney and Naughty Dog to name a few.

In addition to these successes, past highlights also include a 10-year run as Executive Producer/Director of Industry Relations with Gnomon, school of visual effects, games and animation in Hollywood. Here, Travis produced and directed over 100 on-campus events and art galleries for new-release films and games, taught classes, and assisted in producing over 80 professional training DVDs for the Gnomon Workshop. Travis has worked with 30+ studios and enjoys branching out into other realms of the 2D/3D art market including Defense, Comics, Paleontology, Medicine and AR/VR.

Hannah Kang

My name is Hannah Kang. I currently work at Legacy Effects Studio as a 3D modeler working on films and commercials. Some of my work is Guardians of Galaxy 2, Power Rangers, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Destiny, and Halo. I am looking forward to working with students focused on the 3d character and creature side of the pipeline and look forward to this class

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