Character Creation with Jason Martin

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Class Begins Sunday July 16th, 2017 at 9 AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern

Create Detailed, Stylized Game Characters 

Learn the art of creating a game character for non-photoreal games. Everything from anatomy to clothing to topology and texturing is covered in this course that covers Jason's tried and true production pipeline.

If you wish to get into the fast growing game industry and score a stable art job with amazing potential to grow then you need Jason Martin's course.  

Jason works as the Lead Character Artist at Id Software, makers of DOOM, where he gets paid to sculpt and paint insanely awesome creatures and characters all day long and he is here to show you the skills, tools and workflows that you need to know to excel in this industry.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How To Create Insane Detail In Your Characters
  • How To Establish Proper Topology For Your Characters
  • Pushing Character Anatomy & Proportions
  • Importing & Exporting For Games
  • Proper Map Setup
  • and much more…

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Assignment #1

Humanoid Creature or Character. (topic of creature can be discussed, must be humanoid)

Create a hero or anti-hero worthy character from the chest up. This character should be in the realm of characterized realism. Think Marv, from Sin City. Learn to make choices that help sell the characters personality and purpose.

For the first project I will go over gathering reference material, establishing a concept/plan of action and high poly modeling techniques in Zbrush Maya.

  • Week 1 Demonstrate head sculpting techniques: primary, secondary and tertiary details
  • Week 2 critique and more demo for high poly clothing and costume elements creation.
  • Week 3 find the detail and really nailing the creep factor 
  • Week 4 final critique of high poly model

Assignment #2

Creating a low poly mesh for next gen assets.

  • Week 5: Using Maya I will demonstrate and discuss optimal topology flow for realistic facial deformations for in game and cinematic characters. Several different topology approaches will be discussed and the pros/cons behind each. Furthermore, students will be shown how to approach topology for clothing, with and without, wrinkle maps and to lessen texture distortion from deformation.

Assignment #3

Creating optimized uvs

  • Week 6: We will start by creating uvs for the head, and discussing pros and cons of shared uvs within a production pipeline. Later in the lesson I will demonstrate my approach to laying out proper uvs for clothing and costume and elements, and share uv tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout my career.

Assignment #4

Texturing painting and material setup

  • Week 7: I will go over and demonstrate several methods for painting the head, and then expand on my preferred technique using Mudbox, substance painter and photoshop.
  • Week 8: Finalize texture creation for heads, and continue on with costume and clothing elements.
  • Week 9: Review of final textures. Begin discussion of material setup within marmoset and the dreaded video game hair cards. (we will discuss hair card techniques, although the final look depends highly on what game engine and tech is being used.)

Assignment #5

The goal of this assignment is to produce the best possible presentation of the realtime model you have created during this course. We will discuss lighting and composition, material and texture tweaking and low poly adjustments to really nail final silhouette.

  • Week 10: Final Eval and question time.



When is the live session?

Sunday at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern

When is the first class session?

Starts July 16th at 9 AM Pacific.

What if I miss a class? Can I download it later?

Yes, everything is recorded and downloadable. 

How long do I have access to the material?

You have lifetime access to the course material

How long are the live sessions?

The live sessions are between two and three hours long.

When do you get the downloads up?

We get the downloads of live sessions online about 24 to 48 hours after the live session ends.

How do I talk to the teacher?

You can talk freely during the class and also via the Facebook group and private forum.

Will my work be reviewed?

Yes, your work will be reviewed in class.

Are there demonstrations or lectures?

Yes.  They will be live and recorded.  All downloads will be in your course at Game Art Institute.

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