Digital Portrait Sculpting with Hosein Diba


Master The Human Face with Hosein Diba

Now, chances are you've already tried to sculpt faces on your own.  You've visted YouTube.  You've gone to on-demand sites like Plurasight. You've maybe even taken drawing classes.

I've done all of that too.

The key to mastering this art, though, is finding a system that helps you make sense of all the complexity that you see, as Hosein does, AND having a second set of eyes to find your mistakes. 

This Is Your Chance

Did you see Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? What were you looking at?  His face, right?

That face was part of a huge effort at ILM but I know of one guy who was sculpting the face and one guy who was supervising: Sven Jenson and Paul Giacoppo.  Boy, did they deliver!

Sven Jenson sculpted the face of Grand Moff Tarkin.  Think about that. Sven Jenson sculpted the face of an actor in a film that has made over one billion dollars in revenue already.

He Sculpted The Actor!

That could be you.  That will be you.  You will be the one sculpting the next Grand Moff Tarkin if you invest in yourself today.  I don't just mean this class.  I mean in you. In your time, your efforts.

Over ten years ago I got started in this industry because Ofer Alon liked one article I wrote about ZBrush. One article. That's all it takes.

In those ten plus years I've seen a lot of skills, software and strategies become important.  In the last year, though, one skill has become more important than any other.

One skill has become the instant "He's good!" signifier.

One skill has become the note that tells recruiters, "I'm serious!"

That skill is the ability to realistically sculpt the human face and it only takes one face, one of your sculpts for someone to notice you and decide to take a chance on you.

What You'll learn

In this class you get to learn from one of the handful of artists who are pushing the boundaries of CG art and realism: Hosein Diba.

You'll learn:

  • How to block in the face from reference
  • How to establish the features
  • How to build only the anatomy that you need
  • How to add expression and dynamic poses
  • How to texture and present your amazing 3D models

Most importantly, Hosein will show you his simple system for creating realistic faces and breathing life into your work.  

He works in real time with you. You can ask questions at any time and you get to see every step of his process.  You don't miss a thing!

If you're serious about your work and your career I don't need to tell you much more.  Hosein is the man doing the work that everyone is noticing.

You know what to do.


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