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VR Bootcamp alumnus Orly Rodriguez is such a rockstar!

For starters, his VR film THE ARCHIVIST was recently nominated for two awards at the 26th Annual Raindance Film Festival:

  • Best Interactive Narrative VR Experience and
  • Best Debut VR Experience.

Now, it’s been announced that THE ARCHIVIST has also been nominated for Best Narrative Interactive VR Experience!

We are SO proud of Orly and the recognition he’s getting for his hard work!!

Check out the official press release here:

Join us at the Raindance Gallery of Immersive Stories and Interactive Worlds to find out more. This year we present 33 Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, each nominated for Raindance Immersive Stories Awards that recognise creative excellence and technical achievement across ten categories: Best Interactive Narrative Experience, Best Animation Experience, Best Cinematic Experience, Best Documentary Experience, Best Social Impact Experience, Best Music Experience, Best Multi-Person Experience, Discovery Award: Best Debut Experience, British Award: Best UK Experience and Grand Jury Prize: Best Immersive Story.

The ten winners will be selected by an international panel of jury members, and announced at the Immersive Stories Awards Ceremony on Saturday October 6th – our annual celebration of the creativity, ingenuity, and artistry expressed in VR storytelling over the past year.

Raindance Interactive Worlds: VR Games | 120 mins
TRANSFERENCE | 30 mins | UK Premiere | Nominated for Grand Jury Prize: Best Immersive Story and Best Interactive Narrative Experience awards | HTC VIVE Pro
THE ARCHIVIST | 25 mins | World Premiere | Nominated for Best Interactive Narrative Experience and Best Debut Experience awards | Oculus Rift
AWAKE: EPISODE ONE | 20 mins | UK Premiere | Nominated for Best Interactive Narrative Experience award | HTC VIVE Pro
INSIDE TUMUCUMAQUE | 15 mins | International Premiere | Nominated for Best Documentary Experience award | HTC VIVE Pro
KOBOLD | 30 mins | UK Premiere | Nominated for Best Interactive Narrative Experience award | Oculus Rift

We congratulate all of this year’s nominees for their exceptional work, and wish you all a very enjoyable time exploring 2018’s most riveting virtual reality experiences.



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